CTPost.com is featuring an lengthy interview with Vince McMahon where he discusses a number of topics including the current popularity of WWE right now.

“I like to say that WWE is America’s greatest export . . . It’s big-time Western culture. I think so many people just can, from an elitist standpoint, say `I don’t watch that.’ (But) when you’ve got 16 million people in the United States alone that watch WWE programming — roughly four times the entire population of the state of Connecticut — somebody likes this and they watch it every single week.”

Also quoted in the interview is former ECW and WWE star Dawn Marie who admits to using steroids during her time with the company.

“I chose to take that shortcut. Did Vince tell me to take that shortcut? No. Did WWE? No. Why did I do it? Because I thought that’s what I needed to do in order to keep up . . . There was no testing policy.”

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