SPOILERS: WWE Monday Night Raw for next week

Results courtesy of Ed Loredo and The Wrestling Observer

WWE Superstars

Evan Bourne b Zack Ryder

WWE Raw (August 2)

It opened with Edge doing a promo. He wanted a shot at Wade Barrett. R-Truth came out and told Edge that after last week, we all have to stick together. They argued. The General Manager announced Edge vs. Barrett and Truth told Edge that he’s on his own.

Edge vs. Barrett was a no contest when Nexus came out to attack but Edge escaped unharmed. Good match while it lasted.

Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall & Tamina b Eve Torres & Gail Kim & Natalya when Fox pinned Natalya. Fox did a promo after the match and was attacked and laid out by the returning Melina, who used the infrared on Fox.

Edge and Cena got into an argument and Edge quits the team. Jericho told Cena that he should quit as well. Jericho challenged Cena to a match where the loser leaves the team.

Khali & Morrison were doing a promo. Michael Tarver tells Khali he should join Nexus. Khali thought about it.

Sheamus b Goldust in a quick match.

Sheamus did a promo saying that he finished HHH’s career, something Randy Orton could never do, doesn’t need a briefcase or be a third generation wrestler. .

John Cena b Chris Jericho in a long match with the STF. Cena then asked Jericho to stay on the team. Jericho teased thinking about it but walked out.

They aired an Alberto Del Rio video

Edge & Jericho had a backstage vignette where they hugged and made up. I guess no loser leaves town match here. They announced Edge & Jericho vs. Bret Hart & Cena with Nexus as the lumberjacks. I guess that’s for the 8/9 TV show.

Great Khali b Ted DiBiase with a head squeeze after Nexus distracted DiBiase by stealing his belt. DiBiase was left out cold. Nexus came out and gave Maryse Ted’s Million Dollar belt

Randy Orton vs. Miz was a long match. Orton hit the RKO for the pin. Orton and Sheamus did a staredown

Nexus came out and told Sheamus to leave and he did. Mark Henry’s team came out and laid out Nexus, ending with Bourne using the shooting star press on Gabriel. That may be after TV is over.

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