Linda McMahon’s opponents in the election to win the bid to run for U.S. Senate are determined not to make it easy for her even though she won the Republican party endorsement. Rob Simmons, who was fighting for the party’s endorsement and at one point led the race, said that he is still campaigning despite the GOP went towards McMahon. Simmons cut his campaign and released his staff after McMahon won the party’s endorsement but last week he started airing TV advertising again in the area to remind primary voters he’s still on the August 10 ballot according to Fairfield County money manager Peter Schiff is also seeking to win the election. “Rob Simmons left the primary weeks ago. It’s hard to take him seriously now. He is an erratic semi-candidate at a time when Republicans are looking for a reliable and dependable candidate who can defeat Dick Blumenthal,” said Ed Patru, McMahon’s campaign spokesman, referring to the Democratic Senate candidate
and state attorney general.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)