The WWE legal team have been doing a lot of chest pounding this week. Lauren Middlen, who is WWE’s intellectual property attorney, sent out a number of threat-o-grams to wrestling fansites for using photos of WWE wrestlers and they also sent a cease and desist letter on Tuesday to a
small UK independent group based out of Portsmouth, England for trademark infringement.

Varsity Pro Wrestling are running shows next weekend with former WWE wrestlers billed as Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn [Kip James] and Road Dogg [Brian James]. Their promotional poster they put up all over town also included the DX Logo. WWE said if VPW didn’t
recall all advertising baring WWE trademarks within 48 hours they would commence legal proceedings.

WWE’s letter to the group stated: “It is WWE’s concern that The Guildhall [the building VPW are running their shows] is using the popularity of the WWE trademarks to improperly
attempting to pass off this event as an official event of WWE. Your actions in doing so constitute unfair competition and false designation of origin. WWE, as trademark holder, can institute a civil action seeking permanent injunctive relief and an award of treble damages, counsel fees and costs.” A rep from VPW told us that they have responded
to WWE and met their demands.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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