SUMMERSLAM: Team WWE vs. Team Nexus

Elimination Tag Team Match
Team WWE (John Cena, Edge, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Bret “The Hitman” Hart & Daniel Bryan) vs. Team Nexus

A huge brawl breaks out between Team WWE and Nexus. Michael Cole is yelling on commentary saying this is a huge mistake to bring Bryan in to Team WWE. Nexus regroups at ringside. We start with Daniel Bryan and Darren Young as the bell officially rings. Bryan catches Young with a big knee to the gut and lights up Young with kicks to the back. Bryan jumps at Young and applies a full body guillotine and then transitions into a crossface. Young taps out.

Darren Young (The Nexus) is eliminated.

Justin Gabriel and Chris Jericho get the tag. Jericho gets in a few shots and tags in R-Truth. Truth drops Gabriel with a big side kick. Truth drops Gabriel with a modified suplex stunner. Gabriel drops Truth with a big dropkick and tags in Michael Tarver. Tarver with some big left and right bombs on Truth in the corner. Truth catches Tarver with a big boot in the corner and Truth tags in John Morrison. Morrison catches Tarver with a dropkick and side kick. Morrison with a springboard kick to the head on Tarver. Morrison connects with Starship Pain on Tarver and gets the pinfall.

Michael Tarver (The Nexus) is eliminated.

The Nexus drop down from their corner and regroup. Skip Sheffield is in next and goes after Morrison. Lock up and Sheffield drops Morrison down on the mat. Morrison slaps Sheffield a few times and Sheffield fires back with a huge powerslam drop. Sheffield picks up Morrison and drives him with force into the corner. More snap suplexes by Sheffield on Morrison. Morrison powers out of a pinfall cover by Sheffield. Gabriel catches Morrison with a huge kick to the back of the head when he hit the ropes. This sets up Sheffield leveling Morrison with a clothesline. Sheffield covers Morrison for the pinfall.

John Morrison (Team WWE) is eliminated.

R-Truth is now in and Sheffield levels him with a clothesline. Sheffield gets the pinfall over R-Truth.

R-Truth (Team WWE) is eliminated.

Chris Jericho is in and goes after Sheffield with a series of shots. Sheffield lifts up Jericho and powers him down to the mat. Tag to Wade Barrett who goes after Jericho in the corner with kicks. Quick tag to David Otunga who gives Jericho a big scoop slam in the corner. Tag back to Barrett who stomps over Jericho. Barrett drives his knee into the back of Jericho and pulls his arms back. Jericho fights back up and catches Barrett with a big boot and dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Tag to Bret Hart and Heath Slater. Hart lights up Slater with some big right hands. Hart stands over Slater in the corner dropping more right hands. Hart rakes the eyes of Slater over the top rope. Hart sends Slater into the ropes, catches him in the gut with a big punch and drops an elbow over the back of Slater. Hart with a scoop slam and elbow drop over Slater. Hart with an atomic drop and clothesline combo on Slater. Hart locks the Sharpshooter on Slater, but Slater tags in Sheffield. Barrett tosses a steel chair in the ring and Hart grabbed it hitting Sheffield in the gut and then over the back. The referee then disqualifies Hart.

Bret Hart (Team WWE) is eliminated via disqualification.

Jericho is now in and drops Sheffield with a Codebreaker. Tag to Edge who backs up in the corner waiting for Sheffield to get up. Edge is slapping his face and in the corner. Spear by Edge on Sheffield, cover and Sheffield is out.

Skip Sheffield (Team Nexus) is eliminated.

Gabriel is now in and takes a big boot from Edge. Edge with a big shoulder charge on Gabriel in the corner. Edge drops Gabriel down face first lifting him in the air and back down. Tag to Slater who kicks Edge out of the ring to the outside. Edge is back in and Slater sends him into the corner. Tag to Barrett who works over Edge. Barrett starts choking Edge against the ropes with his boot. Gabriel stands over the neck of Edge as Barrett distracts the referee. Barrett with a backbreaker on Edge. Edge attempts a DDT, Barrett counters and connects with a swinging neckbreaker on Edge. Otunga gets the tag and picks up a lifeless Edge. Edge blocks a spinebuster attempt and drops Otunga with a DDT. Tag to Jericho who takes out Otunga with two shoulder takedowns. Jericho with a kick to Otunga, bulldog, Lionsault and pumps himself up as the crowd cheers. Jericho with a Walls of Jericho on Otunga. Otunga taps out.

David Otunga (Team Nexus) is eliminated.

Jericho knocks Slater off the ring apron and goes after him on the outside. Jericho tosses Slater back in and catches him with a spinning elbow off the top rope. Slater then sends Jericho into Cena. Slater drops Jericho with a big neckbreaker and gets the pinfall.

Chris Jericho (Team WWE) is eliminated.

Edge and Cena start arguing. Edge pushes Cena. Daniel Bryan tries to be the voice of reason. Cena backs off and leaves the ring. Slater rolls up Edge and gets the pinfall.

Edge (Team WWE) is eliminated.

Edge then takes out Cena on the ring apron with a Spear. Jericho kicks Cena on the ground and yells, “You are a stupid, stupid man!” Gabriel tosses Cena in the ring as Slater goes after him with a series of kicks in the corner. Tag to Barrett who lands a big right to the ribs. Cole is tearing Bryan apart on the mic saying they could have had The Miz out here instead. Barrett sends Cena into the corner and follows it up with a huge kick to the back. Cena takes out Gabriel on the ring apron, but Barrett takes him out with a clothesline. Tag to Gabriel who kicks Cena in the gut. Gabriel applies a front choke on Cena and transitions into an arm lock. Cena gets close to a comeback, Gabriel counters and drops Cena with a DDT. Gabriel with a kick to Cena’s face and tags in Barrett. Barrett with a big side slam on Cena. Tag to Slater who cuts off Cena from tagging in Bryan. Slater sends Cena with force into the corner who bounces off. Double clothesline by Cena and Slater. Bryan is trying to fire up the crowd. Slater grabs the legs of Cena to pull him back from tagging in Bryan. Hot tag to Bryan. Bryan drops Gabriel and takes out Slater with a big boot. Bryan with a german suplex on Slater followed by a huge dropkick. Bryan with big kicks to Slater in the corner. Bryan flips off the top turnbuckle, lands on his feet and takes out Slater with a clothesline. Bryan with a suicide dive to Slater on the outside. Bryan is up top and hits a huge missile dropkick on Slater. Bryan dropkicks Gabriel and Barrett off the ring apron. Slater with a roll up on Bryan. Bryan counters into a crossface. Slater taps out.

Heath Slater (Team Nexus) is eliminated.

Bryan is staring down Nexus when The Miz hits the ring and levels Bryan with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Barrett gets in, hooks the leg and Bryan is eliminated.

Daniel Bryan (Team WWE) is eliminated.

John Cena is now the sole member of Team WWE left against Team Nexus members Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. Barrett tosses Cena back in the ring and Gabriel takes him out with a splash in the corner. Gabriel misses a splash, Cena with shoulder takedowns, spinning plant powerbomb and Cena signals for five knuckle shuffle. Cena connects, has Gabriel on his shoulders, Barrett with a blind tag, Barrett hits Cena with a big right and then mounts him hitting more rights. Tag to Gabriel. Gabriel kicks Cena in the corner. Barrett gets the tag and beats down Cena in the corner. Tag back to Gabriel. More kicking from both men. Tag back to Barrett who stands over a beat up Cena. Barrett connects with a big boot on Cena that sends Cena to the outside. Barrett and Gabriel expose the concrete on the outside of the ring. Gabriel gets back in the ring and Barrett gives Cena a DDT head first on the concrete. Barrett tosses Cena back in the ring and tags in Gabriel telling him to hit the 450 Splash. Gabriel goes up top, jumps and Cena moves. Gabriel crashes on the mat and Cena hooks the leg. Cena gets the pinfall.

Justin Gabriel (Team Nexus) is eliminated.

Barrett is shocked. Barrett hits the ring, Cena takes him down and gets the STF locked on. Barrett taps.

Wade Barrett (Team Nexus) is elimianted.

Winners: Team WWE

After the match, we see the last few eliminations leading to the finish. Back live, John Cena celebrates the victory for Team WWE.

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