Scary moment with Johnny Gargano

According to a report by POST Wrestling, at last night’s WWE NXT tapings a scary moment happened with Johnny Gargano that caused his match to be stopped.

During a match against Ridge Holland (which took place during the taping for next week’s show, the go home to NXT TakeOver XXX), Gargano took a bump which landed him directly on his head. The match was quickly stopped with trainers and officials, including Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Shawn Michaels, coming out to check on him.

Gargano was found to be fine and the match was concluded. Editing will take place to remove the pause. Gargano apologized for delaying the tapings. Gargano was said to be fine following the match, but a check-up was scheduled after.

We will update this story if any new information becomes available.