(also posted on Honky Tonk Man’s web site)

To Todd Alan Clem, AKA Bubba the love Sponge:

We have honored your request to remove any of your photos and video from our site. We have a request to make of you. We would like to have copies of all the Eric Bischoff interview segments where he mentions HTM. We feel we are in a strong position to pursue defamation of character from Mr. Bischoff’s statements concerning HTM’s value to the wrestling industry.

These tapes will be passed on to our attorney for him to decide if we should pursue this issue. Mr. Clem is not a party to this action at this time. Mr. Bischoff who represents TNA as an official and executive of TNA will have to answer for his derogatory remarks much like Mr. Russo had to answer for his words concerning his comments about Hulk Hogan on a WCW broadcast. Mr. Hogan could become a party to this action since he has said he is in charge of the day to day operations of TNA and was on the same segment of Mr. Clem’s radio show when the defaming statements were made.

We pray for a timely response to our request.

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