Video: Footage of Sonya Deville testifying against the man who attempted to kidnap her

FOX News 13 – Tampa Bay posted a video (above) reporting on the pre-trial hearing of Phillip A. Thomas II, the man who attempted to kidnap Daria Berenato, also known as WWE’s Sonya Deville.

In the video, footage is shown of Berenato’s testimony in the court room about her experience in the early morning of August 16 when she discovered Thomas had broken into her house.

Thomas is a stalker that drove down from South Carolina to Berenato’s home in Florida after obtaining her address online. He broke in through the screen wall of her lanai and listened and watched through the windows as Berenato and her roommate (later identified to be Amanda Saccomanno, WWE’s Mandy Rose) as they went to bed.

After attempting to enter the house, the burglar alarm went off. Berenato went to investigate and saw Thomas just standing there staring at her. When he approached, she ran and escaped with Saccomanno in the car. Thomas followed her into the house and thought she had gone upstairs.

Thomas was arrested in the house. He admitted to police that he was going to hold Berenato hostage until she answered “all of his questions.”

The result of the pre-trial hearing was Thomas would be held without bail until his trial. The judge deemed him to be a threat to the community.