Renee Young pens a farewell letter to WWE and the fans on The Players’ Tribune

Renee Young pens farewell letter to WWE

Recently departed WWE personality Renee Young has penned an article for The Players’ Tribune titled, “A Letter to My WWE Family.”

Young, now going by her real name of Renee Paquette, confirmed that her appearance on the SummerSlam Kickoff Show was her final appearance on WWE television. In the article, Paquette thanked the many people in the company that have helped, in particular Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie, Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Daniel Bryan, and others.

Writing about her being labeled a trail-blazer, she admits that she felt the results were mixed, particularly when she was on Raw commentary:

If I’m being honest about my own experience as a trail-blazer in WWE, I’d say that my feelings looking back are kind of mixed. The history-making stuff, like being the first woman to ever call a full episode of Raw, those moments are untouchable and they’ll stay with me forever. But I also wish I’d done a few things differently — especially as it relates to my time in the commentary booth, as history-making as it was. I wish I’d stood up for myself a little more, in terms of the support that I was getting. I wish I’d fought for myself a little more, just in general, in those moments when I felt like I was drowning or even just treading water. And I wish I’d gone to more of the right people for more of the right advice, instead of letting my emotions or my insecurities get the better of me. I also think that’s the gift and the curse of going first, though, you know what I mean? No one said blazing trails was easy.

On the reason why she’s leaving WWE, Paquette revealed it is a simple reason:

And then as far as why I’m leaving…… it’s about as simple as it gets: It was time. Eight years doing anything is a while. But eight years in a business like ours???? It’s a lifetime. And you only get so many lifetimes, right? So I’m going to try a few new things, give them a fair shot, hope they give me the same, and we’ll see.

Congratulations to Renee “Young” Paquette on a wonderful WWE career.