Cartoon Network Latin America producing new show featuring Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio cartoon coming

WWE Superstar will be getting his own animated show on Cartoon Network Latin America.

According to a report by Lucha Central, at the 2020 Pixelatl Festival, Cartoon Network Latin America announced an agreement with the founders of ¡Viva Calavera! to produce a cartoon featuring Rey Mysterio as the protagonist.

This is a summary of what the show will be about:

Rey Mysterio will tell the story of one of the most iconic luchador, a figure admired by all and star of the ring, but he will also delve into a great secret: unimaginable forces threaten our world and he will be a fundamental part of that fight. When their number one fan discovers this secret, together they will immerse themselves in a world where the excitement and adrenaline of wrestling coexists with mystery, mythology, history, magic and supernatural beings.

There is no mention of WWE in the press release or the Lucha Central article. F4WOnline is reporting this may be an outside project Mysterio was allowed to do on his own as part of the terms of his new contract.

Mysterio suffered a partially torn triceps muscle at WWE Payback in a match teaming with his son, Dominik, against Seth Rollins and Murphy. The injury isn’t expected to need surgery.

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