Out come the WWE Divas acting as Lumberjills in the unification match.

WWE Divas & Women’s Championship Unification – Lumberjills Match
WWE Divas Champion Melina vs. WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool

Both girls lock up and roll out of the ring still lockedu p. McCool slaps Rosa Mendes and slides back in the ring. Melina with a big back kick that drops McCool. Melina gets McCool tied up in the ropes, goes up top and McCool pulls her down by her hair sending her to the outside. No attacking from the Divas at ringside. McCool with forearms to the back of Melina. McCool applies a head scissors on Melina on the mat keeping the action grounded. Melina pulls herself up avoiding a Styles Clash from McCool and plants McCool with a facebuster. McCool with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Natalya tries to pull out McCool. Melina with a rollup. The referee is distracted. McCool kicks out after two when the referee finally counts the pinfall. McCool jumps out going after Natalya. Finally the rest of the Divas go after McCool. Melina with elbows and a spin kick to McCool. Melina kicks McCool into the ropes and drives her knee into her back. Melina lets out of a loud scream, dodges a big boot from McCool, but McCool hits her with a big kick. McCool puts Melina up on the top rope. McCool seems to botch the spot and they both fall off the top rope to the outside. McCool tosses Melina back inside. The Divas are all brawling. Layla got involved and got in a few shots on Melina. In the ring, McCool hits Melina with a big boot and gets the pinfall.

Winner & Unified WWE Divas Champion: Michelle McCool

After the match, Michelle McCool and Layla celebrate the win.

Backstage, we see Nexus leader Wade Barrett. Todd Grisham talks about the odds being stacked against him tonight. Barrett said he listened to what Edge, Jericho and Cena said tonight. He said they represent greatness, but also the status quo in WWE. He said the winds of change are blowing in WWE and tonight he gets to prove that.

A video package runs highlighting the events between Kane and The Undertaker.

* Kane vs. The Undertaker for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is up next.