Credit: Ryan Riveria and GERWECK.NET

RAW (taped for 9/27)

– The Miz and Alex Riley v. Daniel Bryan and John Morrison. The Miz and Riley get the win. Bryan vs. The Miz in a no-DQ, falls count anywhere for the U.S. title at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

– All divas battle royal for the #1 contender-ship for the divas title. Natalya win the battle royal.

– Sheamus open challenge, Great Khali comes out. Sheamus vs Khali….Sheamus is DQ’d after throwing chairs.

– We have a Cutting Edge segment next. Edge’s guest is the RAW GM. He’s gonna talk to the computer! LOL
Segment turns into Edge vs. John Cena. Cena win via STF. Edge goes crazy after the match, destroys the laptop.

– Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeated Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.

– The Hart Dynasty vs Rhodes/McIntyre for the tag titles. Winner-Rhodes/McIntyre retain.

– Our main event is next….ORTON VS JERICHO,

– Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho. Ortons wins. Orton punts Y2J in the head. Jericho leaves on a stretcher.

POST RAW Dark Match

– Randy Orton defeated Sheamus.