JBL talks hazing Miz, Del Rio, retirement and more

From Arda Ocal:


JBL compared his golf game to that of Jimmy Korderas [0:36]

What is JBL doing during his retirement (travelling, etc) [2:53]

His thoughts on Alberto Del Rio gimmick which is very similar to his [4:26]

The rise of the Miz in the WWE and how JBL treated him while he was with the company [5:40]

Hazing the new guys in wrestling, is it necessary? [7:52]

Will he get involved in any other sports, similar to the Vyper Fight League and Danny Davis? Also thoughts on Layfield Energy and trading stocks [11:39]

Would JBL ever return to the WWE? Even for one night for example as a guest star / host of RAW? [13:13]

EXCERPT: “Did I haze the Miz? Hell yes! A lot of people want to talk about me and my hazing. Yes I did. I make no apologies about it what so ever. When I started, guys were hazed, and for good reason. They wanted to know that in a riot, which we had a few back in the day, were you going to be on the side of the boys or the fans? Nowadays there’s no room for it, the corporate, sterile world that is the WWE. When the Miz came in, most of the hazing was me working. Me on the mic, me talking to him. I gave him as much advice as I possibly could because I thought he had the ability to be a good heel. But I’m not going to apologize for hazing him.”

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