Alberto Del Rio is on his way out to the arena. Del Rio mentions tonight is his, “WWE Pay Ber View…deboot.” We mean his WWE Pay Per View debut. Del Rio talks about his “little chiwawa” Rey Mysterio and wonders who will be the next to face him. He takes some shots at the Dallas Cowboys saying he is more handsome than Tony Romo. Del Rio said he is better than everyone. Edge’s music hits. Edge said he didn’t come out to defend Christian, Rey Mysterio or Texas. He said he came out here to fight one thing: stupidity. Edge said there are parts of Del Rio which are very stupid. He said Del Rio’s scarf is stupid. Edge calls Del Rio stupid in Spanish. Del Rio promises to hurt Edge. Edge calls Del Rio’s wink stupid along with his ring announcer. Jack Swagger’s music hits and he heads to the ring. He says what is really stupid is a Canadian and Mexican arguing in a WWE ring when he isn’t even wrestling tonight. Edge takes out Swagger and Del Rio bails. Swagger drops Edge over his knee. The Raw GM lights go off. Michael Cole reads the email off a new upgraded computer. The Raw GM demands Edge apologize for what he did last week and calls for a referee to start a match right now between Swagger and Edge.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger controls the offense early on. Edge attempts a comeback, but Swagger is able to take him down quickly. Swagger quickly drops Edge over his knee once again and gets a quick cover for a two count. Edge is able to drop Swagger into the ropes, but misses a body splash when Edge moves out of the way. Swagger tries to german suplex Edge off the ring apron. Edge hangs on. Swagger locks on an abdominal stretch on Edge using the ropes. Edge with a facebuster on Swagger. Striker mentioned on commentary that Edge’s left eye looked to be swollen. Swagger attempts some ankle locks. Edge powers out and hits a reverse neckbreaker on Swagger. Swagger pops back up and goes for another ankle lock. Edge gets the ropes to break it up. Swagger attempts another ankle lock on the outside of the ring. Edge with a huge missile dropkick off the top turnbuckle on Swagger. Edge takes out the camera man sliding out of the ring and then drives Swagger’s head into the steel ring post. As Edge climbed up the turnbuckle, Swagger jumped up ala Kurt Angle and hit a big overhead suplex on Edge. Swagger with a quick side suplex on Edge. Swagger attempts a springboard body splash, but Edge moves and kicks Swagger in the gut as he jumped back. Edge with a quick DDT on Swagger.

The crowd is calling for a spear. Edge backs up in the corner, charges and Swagger side steps Edge lifting him up and connecting with a gutbuster. Swagger covers Edge and Edge somehow kicks out. Edge goes for a kick to the head and lands badly on his knee. Swagger applies an ankle lock. Edge rolls through, hits the ropes and catches Swagger with a spear. Edge hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Edge

Backstage, The Nexus are talking about tonight’s match between Wade Barrett and John Cena. David Otunga said they need to do anything they can to make sure tonight isn’t the end of Nexus and not get Barrett disqualified.

A video package runs promoting John Cena vs. Wade Barrett tonight.

* John Cena vs. Wade Barrett is up next. If Cena wins, Nexus must disband. If Barrett wins, Cena must join Nexus.