Back live, the Hell in a Cell structure lowers over the ring.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Kane goes after Taker right away as he was helping Paul Bearer out of the Hell in a Cell. The bell hasn’t officially ran yet as they brawl on the outside with Kane in control. They finally get inside the Hell in a Cell as the door closes to start the match. The referee locks the door and the bell sounds. Taker has a steel chair and drives it into the ribs of Kane. Back in the ring, Taker splashes Kane in the corner. Another splash by Taker on Kane. Taker with snake eyes and big boot combo on Kane. Taker drops the leg and Kane quickly powers out of a pinfall. Kane has the chair now and cracks it over the back of Taker. Taker fights back tossing Kane over the steel ring steps and kicking Kane in the head. Kane fights back sending Taker shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Kane has the chair again and hits Taker over his left leg. Kane puts Taker back in the ring and drags him into the steel ring post tossing his left leg against it with force. Kane then places Taker’s leg inside the steel steps and hits it with force. Kane works over Taker in the corner back in the ring. Taker fights back as they brawl back to the ringside area against the cage and Taker gets in some big right hands.

Taker tosses Kane back under the bottom rope, pulls him out and Taker drops a leg over the throat of Kane. We see a shot of a smiling Paul Bearer at ringside who is looking in through the cage. Back inside the ring, Kane kicks the left leg of Taker and Taker goes down. Kane goes for a modified heel hook on the left leg of Taker. Taker eventually breaks it up with some big hammer fists. Both are back up and they are exchanging big right hands. Taker with his flying clothesline. Taker has Kane by the hand and attempts Old School up on the top rope, but Kane trips him up and Taker crotches himself on the top turnbuckle. Kane with a big superplex on Taker. Kane is going up top now, Taker gets on his feet, Kane jumps and catches Taker with a big clothesline. Kane crawls over to cover Taker, but Taker locks in Hell’s Gate. Kane pulls himself out of the ring getting under the bottom rope. Kane uses the ropes to help break the submission. We get a double big boot and both men are down. Both men sit up at the same time. We get more right hands and uppercuts back and forth from both. Kane with a big uppercut, fires Taker into the ropes and Taker catches Kane with a big DDT. Cover and Kane kicks out.

Taker with a chokeslam on Kane. Cover and Kane gets a shoulder up after two. Taker kicks Kane in the gut and looks to setup a Last Ride when Kane breaks it up and gets a chokeslam on Taker. Cover by Kane and Taker gets a shoulder up after two. Kane with two big splashes on Taker in the corner. Kane stands up on the ropes over Taker hitting some right hands when Taker puts Kane on his shoulders and lifts him up connecting with a Last Ride from the corner! Cover by Taker and Kane still finds a way to kick out. Tombstone attempt by Taker. Kane reverses and gets a Tombstone on Taker. Kane covers Taker…1…2…Taker gets a shoulder up. Kane can’t believe it. Kane drops the referee and throws a fit on the mat screaming, “No!” Another WWE referee opens up the cage door and gets in along with other WWE officials to check on the downed referee. Paul Bearer walks inside and cheers on Taker to get up when Kane jumps out and gets in his face. Kane starts stalking Bearer as he gets in the ring. Kane yelled out, “You shouldn’t have come back!” Taker sits up, Kane turns around and Taker executes a chokeslam. Taker calls for the end. The lights go dark. Fire fills the entrance way. Taker has Kane up.

Bearer then walks forward and blinds Taker with his urn. Taker lets Kane go. The lights come back on. Taker is grabbing his eyes. Bearer hands the urn to Kane. Kane decks Taker with it. Kane with a chokeslam on Taker. Kane covers Taker and gets the pinfall.

Winner & still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

After the match, Kane is handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Paul Bearer cheers on Kane and leaves the ring with him. Kane and Bearer head up the ramp as we see a shot of Undertaker starting to recover inside the Hell in a Cell. Bearer turns the light on his urn and shines it in the face of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane.

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