WWE taking control of Twitch accounts

WWE announced to their talent that over the next four weeks the company will begin taking over their Twitch accounts.

This was first reported by Wrestling Inc and confirmed by F4WOnline.

WWE will take control of the accounts. The talent will still be able to post content and will receive a percentage of revenue generated from the channel. The revenue will count against their downside guarantee.

A reminder email was sent out on Thursday that the talent have until Friday, October 2 to terminate the “unauthorized business relationships” with the outside third parties.

We reported in early-September that Vince McMahon and other WWE Executives held a meeting with the talent about the use of third-party applications and how the company wants to reinvent their image. Mark Carrano also controversially told the talent that WWE owns their real names as well.

A letter would later be sent out to the talent reiterating what was said, though which outside third parties they were talking about was not mentioned.

We will continue to follow this story as more becomes available.