Triple H addresses Velveteen Dream

NXT Founder and Executive Producer Paul “Triple H” Levesque commented on the troublesome year for Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark).

Throughout 2020, Clark experienced a number of accusations before and during the Speaking Out movement. Clark was accused of sexual misconduct with minors. Shortly after he was accused in June, Clark was removed from NXT television following a bad car accident.

Clark would return to television in August. Levesque said that WWE looked into the accusations and nothing came of the investigation.

Speaking on the Q&A Session hosted by McKenzie Mitchell, Levesque addressed Clark’s rough year and talked about how his immaturity in his personal life impacts his professional life:

“Coming off of what was a bit of a rough year for Velveteen Dream. reorganizing himself, you know? Dream is one of those young guys that still hasn’t quite found his way yet of who he wants to be. I think sometimes that weighs on him. His immaturity in his life presents itself in his professional life and makes it difficult for him sometimes.”