SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

Taping results from Topeka, Kansas:

– Edge is introduced by Teddy Long as the newest Smackdown superstar.

– Jack Swagger comes out and cuts a promo on Edge, setting up a match.

– Edge defeated Jack Swagger via the spear. During the match, Edge speared Swagger’s eagle mascot off the apron, which required the medical team to come out for assistance.

– “Dashing” Cody Rhodes gives us a grooming tip on brushing your teeth.

– Divas Champion Layla (with Michelle McCool) defeated Kelly Kelly (with Natalya). After the match, Layla tried to attack Natalya but was ran out of the ring.

– The Big Show cut a promo regarding his new film “Knucklehead” and the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV. Show has been named captain for Team Smackdown. Show announces that Hornswoggle is Smackdown’s team mascot, who arrives in face paint wearing a Viking helmet. The Dudebusters want to be on the team, but Big Show turns them down. They tear off their Smackdown shirts revealing Raw shirts, but Show delivers a double chokeslam.

– Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston & Kaval.

– Paul Bearer introduces the world champion, Kane. Kane cut a promo on how he destroyed Undertaker with the help of Bearer, and said his “brother” is as weak as the Kansas crowd.

– IC title match: Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. MVP. At one point, Dolph distracted the referee for Vickie, but she left him and returned to the back. Kaitlyn came out to support Ziggler. Kaitlyn interfered for Ziggler, and he retained the gold. Ziggler celebrated with Kaitlyn, which brought out Vickie. Ziggler claimed it was innocent. Vickie stormed off, and Ziggler trailed her, leaving Kaitlyn along in the ring.

– Albert Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio. Before the match, Del Rio cut a promo on Mysterio saying he is the trash on the bottom of his show. Mysterio wins via a 619 after a miss-communication between Del Rio and his ring announcer.

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