Actor/comedian Rob Corddry made an appearance on The BJ Shea Morning Experience on KISW in Seattle to discuss his new film “Hot Tub Time Machine” and how he will be one of the hosts for WWE Monday Night Raw next week. Cordrry had the following to say about the upcoming Raw appearance this Monday.

“I love wrestling. I don?t watch it as religiously as I used to, but I?ve watched it enough to know that I should be completely terrified. Clark Duke, who I?m going up there with, who is also in the movie, he’s a huge wrestling fan, knows all the guys and stuff and I asked him, like trying to get comfort, I was like, ?You know what, I?m really scared, do I have anything to worry about?? and he’s like, ?Oh yeah, you could get hurt!? You know what I?m gonna do? I?m gonna stretch out and take some Vicodin!”