News and notes from McMahon/Blumenthal race

Some news and notes regarding the race for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

* The New York Post recently endorsed Lina McMahon describing her as a well-spoken, intelligent and CEO of one of the state’s largest and most successful businesses. They described her opponent, Richard Blumenthal, as a “proven liar” and pushed her campaign lines that if he lied about Vietnam then what else is he lying about. What makes the endorsement interesting is that Vince McMahon sued the paper back in the 90s for libel in a case that was later dropped.

* Richard Blumenthal debuted a new TV ad claiming Linda McMahon “worked to kill steroid and drug testing laws in various states.” It cited news articles and states records claiming McMahon “hired lobbyists to help her duck taxes, kill steroid and drug testing laws and avoid health and safety protection for her workers.”

* McMahon also debuted a new commercial focusing on Blumenthal’s answer from the first debate when asked how he would create a job, which prompted a rather unsure response. Ed Patru of McMahon’s campaign later stated that the election is about jobs and the economy and that Blumenthal is trying to distract voters by focusing on WWE.

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