Chelsea Green suffers major injury moments after making her SmackDown debut tonight

Chelsea Green suffers injury

Chelsea Green suffered a major injury on her Friday Night SmackDown debut.

Green was taking part in a Survivor Series Qualifying Fatal 4-Way Match featuring Tamina, Natalya, and Liv Morgan. During the match, Morgan dropkicked her off the apron to the floor. Green apparently landed wrong and suffered a broken arm.

The injury was confirmed by Green on her Instagram. Green announced the injury is a broken arm and showcased x-rays showing the break. It is not known how long she will be out of the ring.

In 2019, Green suffered a broken wrist during an NXT taping that led to her having the arm surgically repaired. The new break appears to be in the same position as the hardware used to fix the first break is directly next to it.

On behalf of the staff of Wrestleview, we wish Chelsea Green a speedy recovery.

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