WWE Champion Randy Orton sounded off on his official Twitter page late Thursday night (October 15) in regards to catching TNA Impact on Spike TV, rumors that he helped get former WWE star Ken Anderson released from WWE and more.

Here are a few of Orton’s tweets in response to some fans.

“Checked out tna tonight for the 2nd time ever. Samoa Joe can move. Miss working with Angle and Jeff. Coulda done w/o the JWoW segment tho.”

“who said that I do not like tna? I surely didn’t. Never approved of the 8 sided ring tho. Competition is a good thing.”

(On AJ Styles) “never met him. Can do some amazing things in the ring. IMO has alot to do with tna’s early success.”

(On Rob Van Dam) “would love to have rob back but I doubt that will ever happen.”

(On Ken Anderson) “The only prob I ever had with ken was him telling the Internet that I used my ‘pull’ to get him fired. Not tru, I have no pull.”

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