Matthew Brosseau sent this in:

Hey, I attended RAW in Calgary and am delivering my live report. I was very impressed with the way tonight’s RAW went over the previous visit in Calgary in 2009.

RAW Notes:

I think one of the biggest pops of the night was when Team SmackDown came out. A lot of people were expecting just Big Show there but to get the whole team was amazing.

For Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, people started for cheering for them until it was revealed that they were facing Hart Dynasty. Diva’s match confused a lot of us. It honestly didn’t feel like the typical Canadian crowd where everyone is cheering for the reverse of who it should be.

I had no clue Hornswoggle was even on commentary until I read the Raw results on here. He appeared to just stand on top of the table and waving the SD flag.

The entire time people were chanting “WE WANT BRET” and in the Dark Match we got it. Initally they had played Cena’s music but Barrett stopped it and said “Because of what Cena did tonight, he’s out of this match” and a replacement was made. An insane pop for Hart. Afterwards he sure milked the crowd and took his time getting high-fives and pictures with a bunch of people.