By Ben Johnston,

For Superstars, Nexus cut a generic promo; this may have
been for the live crowd only.

Also for Superstars, Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre beat Chris
Masters & MVP.

Smackdown opened with both Bragging Rights teams (less
R-Truth) in the ring with Teddy Long. He gave them the
chance to sign matches for the night.

Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston beat Miz, Sheamus &
Ezekiel Jackson. Fun 6-man tag. Big Show pinned Miz.

Jack Swagger beat Santino Marella by submission. Swagger’s
eagle brawled at ringside with Hornswoggle.

Alberto del Rio beat John Morrison by submission.

Edge beat CM Punk by DQ. Very good match while it lasted.
All the members of both teams did run-ins and we got a
parade of finishers. Last one was Edge spearing Punk, and
Team Smackdown stood triumphant.

Dolph Ziggler gave a backstage interview saying that him
facing Daniel Bryan was like a Super Bowl team facing a high
school squad.

Laycool were dressed up as Natalya with a beard and Bret
Hart (the 2010 version). Michelle was actually kind of funny
as Bret. Natalya & Kelly beat them in a tag match; Kelly
didn’t tag in at all.

Main event was Randy Orton vs Kane. At the end of the match,
the Undertaker’s gong rang and the lights went out. Kane was
distracted long enough for Orton to hit the RKO for a clean
pin. Orton left and Kane went nuts in the ring, then
Undertaker’s music hit; he came through the ring canvas and
pulled Kane down into the hole. Goofy, but it worked live.