Matthew Brosseau sent this report in:

I was slightly late for NXT, but I didn’t miss much. If you think watching this show on TV is painful, watching it live mutiplies it by about 100. The crowd really never got into it, and the only person the crowd cheered for was Goldust and maybe Kelly Kelly.


Nexus surprised the audience by making a quick apperance. They discussed Bragging Rights and the events of RAW and how Barrett would become champion when they all of a sudden decided that the crowd in Edmonton didn’t deserve to see them.

Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes faced off against Chris Masters and MVP. Rhodes got the cover.


(Both Team SmackDown & Team RAW came out before the opening) Show began with Team SmackDown and Team RAW in the ring. Teddy Long was also there and told the teams they would make their own matches as well as a (4 on 4?) tag match. (Not in order) Edge chose CM Punk. Swagger chose Santino. Morrison chose Del Rio. The tag match began with the Superstars not involved in singles matches. I want to say Smackdown won, but don’t quote me on it, after two nights and a long bus ride memory is a little hazy.

Swagger and Santino was next. Of course when Swagger came out with the Swagger Soaring Eagle, he got massive heat from the Canadian crowd. Santino generates incredible pops here, I don’t know if that’s a general WWE thing, but it seems amped more at the two shows I attended this week. Hornswoggle came out and battled with the Soaring Eagle. Swagger defeated Santino.

Afterwards “Dashing” Cody Rhodes told us that lip gloss isn’t just for the ladies. Cool stuff.

Alberto Del Rio VS John Morrison was great. Del Rio won.

Edge VS CM Punk was next: CM Punk had the upper hand for the majority of the match. Edge finally countered back and was about to hit the spear when Miz and Riley came and interfered but they were stopped by Kofi who was stopped by Morrison who was stopped by Del Rio who was stopped by Jackson who got attacked by Swagger and Santino attempted to stop him but was unsuccessful. Sheamus then came out, then Reks, then Show, then finally Mysterio who hit the 619 on Sheamus. It may not have gone in that order, but that’s the best I can remember.

After that collision, Laycool came out with Layla dressed as Natalya but with Anvil facial hair and McCool dressed up as Bret Hart. They poked fun at both Natalya and Hart. Natalya and Kelly Kelly came out to fight Laycool and they picked up the victory after Natalya got the Sharpshooter. After the win, the entire lights and tron went out minus the main screen. It was very odd and someone thought a fan had rushed Natalya. This went on for quite a bit. They still played the standard WWE commericals you would see at a live event, but minus any lights.

Main Event was Kane VS Orton and they fought until Kane was about to hit the chokeslam when suddenly the gong hit. The lights flickered and distracted Kane long enough for Orton to hit the RKO and get the pin. I’m not sure where the TV show ends at this point but after Orton left, the gong hit again, and Taker appeared through a hole in the mat. He grabbed at Kane and pulled him in through the hole.

I believe this is where the show ends. Gong hit again and Taker came up out of the hole and eventually grabbed Kane’s belt, posed with it and then threw it into the hole. That’s all I got. Overall I think WWE did a much much better job in Western Canada then their previous visit in August 2009 and it was money well spent.