10/23 WWE Results: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

10/23 WWE Supershow Results: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Tim sent this recap in:

Hey Adam, I just got back from the super show in winnipeg manitoba and thought I’d send you the news.

the mts was pretty packed, few empty seats here and there. alot of cena shirts, but no cena, nor cm punk which upset me.

Champion v champion
daniel bryan defeats dolph ziggler via the labelle lock.
– solid opening match with ziggler with alot of offence.

tag team match
nexus v mark henry and kofi kingston
a flicker of the lights later we have an email from the raw gm, its now a 4 on 2 handi cap match
slater eliminated by kingston via trouble in paradise
otunga eliminated by henry via worlds strongest slam
kingston elimnated by barrett via wasteland
gabriel eliminated bye henryvia worlds strongest slam
and while henry got the pin on gabriel, just after barrett hit an elbow from the second rope to the back of henry’s head to secure the win for the nexus

alicia fox v eve
eve won, i think, i zoned out

miz is out next with a-ry and looked to get a word in before john morrison cut him off
a flicker of the lights and the raw gm has decided for us that we want a dance off

dance off
a-ry stunk up the place, miz cut a rug, and morrison destroyed them via breakdancing. miz did the robot

after that we had a match between the miz and morrison

miz wins via the skull crushing finale. alot of interferance by riley

tag team match
alberto del rio and jack swagger (with mascot) vs Rey mysterio and Edge
huge ovation for edge. during swaggers entrance a fan threw something at him.
solid solid match rey hit a double 619 and then edge speared swagger for the win.
edge said him, jericho christiian and lance storm started in winnipeg and he’ll always be an all canadian – canadian


tag team championship
drew macyntire and cody rhodes v the hart dynasty
drewand cody win in a sleeper.

world heavyweight championship
kane v Big show.

big pop for show.

kane wins via belt to the head

wwe championship match
randy orton over sheamus via rko.

match of the night

-miz is hated, so is nexus. alot of heat
– edge and orton had the biggest pops, with rey not far behind

solid outing before the ppv tomorrow. still upset over no cm punk, but pumped for the american dragon