Wrestleview’s own Matt O’Brien is live at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota tonight for WWE’s Bragging Rights PPV. Matt passed on the following notes so far:

Peeps are already talking about the vikings-packers game. Hopefully keep the football chants to a minimum.

Just saw Doug Lackey’s “meth girl.”

Nice to see a lot of kids here.

Bonus match! Chavo vs. MVP. Nice little match. MVP win.

Fans are pumped but still a lot of open seats.

Lights about to go down!

Good opener wirh DZ and Bryan. Fans love Bryan’s offense.

There is a guy in a penguin outfit behind me.

Nice surprise with the Cena tag match. The crowd really came to life.

Goldust-Ted match was solid but people used it as a beer break. Crowd ate up the end.

Fun match for the Divas title. Time for Buried Alive?

The crew is messing with the ring and tearing it up. Probably for the Taker-Kane match.