WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Buried Alive Match
Kane (c) w/ Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker wastes no time and goes after Kane right away. Taker with big right hands to Kane and sends him into the steel ring steps. Taker tosses aside the top part of the steel steps and sends Kane face first into it. Taker tosses Kane in the ring and gets in a big charge in the corner. A loud “WE WANT BLOOD” chant starts up. Kane bails out and catches Taker with a big uppercut. Taker follows Kane into the crowd and they brawl near some of the production area. Kane starts walking up the steps and Taker holds him back. Taker stands over Kane’s head applying pressure. Taker with a headbutt and right hand combo on Kane. Big body shots from Taker on Kane. Taker grabs Kane and tosses him over the guard railing to the ringside area. Taker then starts throwing steel chairs in the ring. Taker tosses Kane back in the ring, but pulls him out over the ring apron and drops a leg. Taker grabs part of the announce table and tosses it over Kane. Kane quickly rolls out and Taker launches him over the guard railing in the other side of the arena. They brawl back to the ringside area and Kane is in first. Kane with a shot to the ribs of Taker with a steel chair and then over the back. Kane with another shot over the back using a chair.

Kane continues to beat Taker over his body with the steel chair. Kane then starts choking Taker using the chair. Another shot over the back of Taker by Kane using the steel chair. Kane with a big chokeslam on Taker. Kane with a second chokeslam on Taker. Kane pulls Taker out of the ring and tosses him over his shoulder. Kane starts walking over to the grave site when Taker jumps off and gives Kane a quick uppercut. Kane then responds with an uppercut of his own. Taker with big right hands. Kane with another uppercut. Taker with more shots to Kane including more body shots. Both climb to the top of the Buried Alive grave site and Kane throws dirt in the eye of Taker. Kane tries to drag Taker into the empty grave when Taker sits up and applies Hell’s Gate. Kane starts tapping out right away, but we are reminded you can’t win by pinfall or submission in this match. Kane then passes out and Taker tosses him inside the empty grave. Paul Bearer is standing by the grave site and Taker pushes his face in the dirt. Taker picks up Bearer, but The Nexus hit the scene. Taker fights them off for a little bit, but then they get the advantage and beat down Taker. Kane stands up from inside the empty grave and gets out as Nexus continues its beat down.

Kane grabs Paul Bearer’s urn and knocks out Taker with it who falls inside the empty grave. Members of The Nexus start throwing dirt over Taker. Kane tells them to leave. He then stands back, does his pyro pose and a bulldozer drops a large amount of dirt into the empty grave over The Undertaker.

Winner & STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

After the match, Kane is handed the title and he leaves with Paul Bearer as we see a close up of the grave site filled with dirt. Kane heads to the back when The Undertaker’s music hits. Lightning hits the grave stone and Undertaker’s logo appears on the front of the grave stone as his music continues to play.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with WWE Champion Randy Orton. Mathews asks about John Cena being in Wade Barrett’s corner tonight. Orton says he has no problem dropping Cena tonight.

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