A very good interview with Rob Van Dam where he talks WrestleReunion in Las Vegas this weekend and his first match in North America since 2007.

He said he has no plans to be in Sunday’s Royal Rumble: “I actually thought the Royal Rumble was yesterday. I thought it already happened. So you can be sure that I don?t have any plans of being in it. Although last year it was only set
up two days prior to the Royal Rumble. My participation, that is. We?ll see. I mean, I honestly thought with TNA and Hogan hiring up all the new guys and making changes I thought that would make WWE up their ante a little bit, but so far as I can tell I don?t think WWE is sweating TNA
at all. If that remains the case then I don?t think the stakes will be quite as high as I was hoping for. But you never know, maybe RVD could be the one that tips the scales. I don?t know. If you listen to the fans, they seem to think so.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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