James Lacerenza sent this report in:

I got home from the Smackdown TV taping in Bridgeport, CT about a half hour ago, guys.(It then took me an hour just to write this up. lol. Here are the quickie results – and of course, I don’t remember everything, so feel free to have other attendees correct me.)


Any hope the arena had of being “hot” left immediately at the start of this show. I don’t think it’s the fault of the women. I think it’s because of a stupid wedding we all know isn’t real.

We start with a kissing contest – really? OK, and uh, Hornswaggle is out to “judge” via, well, “kissing” the divas. Maxine won’t kiss Hornswaggle and the poor little guy sulks to the back, cue the boos. And, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, who reminded me of Jerry Lewis’ Buddy Love from the original Nutty Professor because he was doing his whole mirror gimmick, checking his teeth for food. I wish I could’ve TiVoed this in real life, yadda yadda yadda, AJ wins. (Like you were expecting anyone else?)

AJ and Primo talk backstage. Hey look, it’s Dusty Rhodes! Makes sense for him to be here with the Bella Twins since Goldust is his son!

Looks like Maxine likes Hornswaggle after all! Also, Primo and AJ make out.

In our first (and only) match of the night (on NXT), Alicia Fox beat Kelly Kelly. I felt bad for these two, that crowd was lifeless. In WWE, this is to be expected, but not “deafening silence” at some points. No “boring” chants, nothing.

Kaitlyn wins a wedding flag scavenger hunt, and I felt like I was watching Double Dare, flag and all, without Marc Summers and 10 times less entertaining.

Well, looks like everyone is in a romantic mood tonight, A.J. and Primo go backstage only to find Kaitlyn with Dolph Ziggler, which prompts Vickie Guerrero to get wedding cake nailed on her face. OK, that part was funny.

Goldust is getting married in his facepaint. Ted Dibiase Jr. and Maryse come out to stop the wedding by paying off the minister. Cue Dusty Rhodes who says he’s got a minister from Tennesee….And it’s Ted Dibiase Sr., to one of the biggest pops of the night. Dusty pays Ted Sr. but Aksana slaps Goldust. And she gets booed. Yawn.


Well, after an episode of NXT that admittedly most everyone, including me and the crowd to sleep, not even the match I’m about to type could revive it.

Jack Swagger beat Kaval via submission – They tried! Swagger and his soaring eagle played up the crowd as best they could. The eagle clipped Kaval from behind, allowing Swagger to win via Anklelock.

Luke Gallows beat Vance Archer (You gotta be kidding me; not only was this the “main event” on Superstars – well, at least tonight – they taped two other matches prior to Raw on Monday night – but VANCE ARCHER?!?!? WHO?!?!)


Edge versus Alberto Del Rio ends in a no contest. Nexus runs in (minus Wade Barrett, who was “on holiday in England with his family”) in the opening match. As in, yes, we actually started the show with a match. (Did I just type that?) David Otunga said the Nexus is taking over tonight, and man, I have bad nWo Nitro flashbacks in me. Cue Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Mysterio. Teddy Long comes out and says it’ll be a 10 man tag match – Nexus (minus Barett) vs. “Team Smackdown”. Backstage, Nexus beats up Rey Misterio (Rey is replaced by Kofi Kingston due to injury.)

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler beat JTG. You know, although the crowd came alive for a second when JTG showed up, Ziggler delivered another solid performance, though nowhere near his recent outings.

Katelyn and Ziggler celebrate in the ring before Vickie Guerrero comes out to one of the biggest reactions of the night and slaps her. Backstage, Vickie wants revenge on Katelyn for “stealing” Dolph on this week’s NXT. Teddy Long says we’ll have Katelyn vs. Vickie tonight. (Oh joy!)

MVP beat “Dashing Cody Rhodes” and Drew McIntyre in a triple threat match for the right to face Dolph Ziggler next week on Smackdown. Drew came out, and you could hear a cricket chirp. Literally.

Another backstage segment, Kaval and Kelly Kelly congratulate MVP on winning the title shot against Dolph for next week’s Smackdown. Cue a Nexus beatdown on Kaval and MVP.

Vickie Guerrero beat Katelin via feet on the ropes. (I think.) She won, anyway. A comedy match with Vickie doing deep breathing meditation on the outside at one point. I give those two credit for trying.

Tyler Reks beat Chris Masters. OK, I vaguely remember the name Tyler Reks, but my god, believe it or not, Masters carried him through a match in which, try as he might, Masters couldn’t get the crowd fully into. It went on for too long.

“Team Smackdown” (Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Kane, Big Show and Kofi Kingston, with Paul Bearer) defeated Nexus (David Otunga, Mike McGuillicutty, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Husky Harris) – Near the end of the match, Del Rio just left the ring and “quit” on his team. I have to give credit to Big Show and Kofi here – both actually woke the crowd up for this match, keeping them engaged, and maybe it was just me, but Kofi took a beating for 10 minutes. FINALLY, hot tag to Kane who hadn’t been in the match. He clears house briefly until Edge tags himself in. Spear by Edge on Kane (to keep the Survivor Series build-up for their match going.) Spear on Otunga. Bye bye, thanks for coming, Nexus!

Bonus match after Smackdown went “off the air” – Edge beats Kane via DQ for the World Heavyweight Title. Kane retains the World Heavyweight Title. Kane clocked Edge with the belt in 5 minutes. I was talking to a security guard who happened to have cerebral palsy and be in a wheelchair (like me), so I only looked away to see the match finish.

It may very well have been that NXT was really beyond awful tonight, or the fact that we were there for nearly 4 hours (the tapings took place from 6:45-10:20 PM) or both. Not a sold out crowd, a few tarped off sections on one side of the TitanTron, and man, White Plains’ County Civic Center in New York has had hotter crowds for crappier house shows than this. However, I enjoyed it immensely.

And I also was at the Toys for Tots drive in Stamford today, which wasn’t really promoted anywhere. Funny note: I was wearing my “I’m Awesome” T-Shirt from The Miz – and apparently, he’s not just a villain in the ring. Even both members of Laycool said, “did we cover that Miz shirt up?” when they hugged me. Hornswaggle? I think the poor guy just was quiet or mesmerized. Kofi : You’re wearing Miz’s shirt? We gotta burn that. Me: I only bought it because it said “I’m Awesome”, which I am – no one can see the back – MVP: True. Just cover it up and put your name on it.

James “The MDA Guy” Lacerenza
Stamford, CT
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