WWE Smackdown European tour news and notes

– Goldust had a scare over the weekend at the Raw show in Cardiff, Wales. He suffered an eye injury during his match with Ted DiBiase which required some stitching. He was sent to the local hospital and at one point doctors were debating whether or not to perform minor surgery. Despite the injury he worked the next night with DiBiase in Birmingham.

– Rey Mysterio came to Europe for the tour despite not being cleared to wrestle. They are doing an injury spot following his entrance, so he’s not technically wrestling but is appearing before the live crowd to make people happy.

– Newcomer Mason Ryan from Wales is working the Smacksdown tour, billed as the hometown hero in every city.

– Hornswoggle has reportedly dyed his hair darker.

– Due to the lack of depth on the Smackdown side, Fit Finlay has been recalled to house show duty once again.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)