– WWE are taping another Legends Roundtable for 24/7 this week in Stamford with Gene Okerlund, J.J. Dillon, Pat Patterson, Nick Bockwinkel, and Michael Hayes discussing tag teams and wrestling in the 1970s.

– WWE.com reportedly locked Rob Van Dam out of his WWE Universe profile amid rumors he was going to sign with TNA. For the many that asked, he’s not giving anything away regarding going to TNA or returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

– From Michael Grote: Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Jimmy Yang Wang, Charlie Haas and Mike Chioda were hanging out at Hooter’s last night after the Smackdown/ECW taping in Cincinnati and took time for pictures and autographs for anyone. They guys were very friendly. Rey mentioned about watching ROH on Monday. I asked Jimmy about pulling ribs and he told me to ask R-Truth about one he pulled that night. I asked Truth, but he played it off that he couldn’t remember what it was and that nothing happened. Basically, no- selling the rib to look like he can’t be tricked.

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