CTNews is featuring an interview with Linda McMahon in what is her first comments since losing in the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut to Richard Blumenthal. McMahon spoke out about her spending of close to $50 million during her campaign and why she would never have to spend that much again if she ran for office in the future.

“So I don’t regret any of that, at all. I was making an investment to serve and I think that’s a really good thing. I think you have to go into any kind of endeavor knowing what your downside is when you get into it. I do not think I would have to spend anywhere near that amount of money. No one knew who I was. I made an investment and I certainly would not have to do that again. I’ll be moving forward this next year. I have a couple (of avenues) to pursue. You’ll have to stay tuned.”

McMahon also stated she has no plans to return to her former post as CEO of WWE, discussed attacks against WWE in the media and also addressed allegations of voter fraud in Bridgeport, CT.

“Look, WWE was attacked throughout my campaign, and I believe the company had certainly not only the right but the obligation to put forth information to correct mistakes and errors that were out there. I thought all that was beneficial, not harmful. [Continued – on voter fraud] I thought it was reprehensible what happened in Bridgeport, and I still think that we have voter fraud that happens throughout our state.”

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Linda breaks her silence: What’s $50 mil?