In a new blog over on his official website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross revealed that with some older talent putting in a 10 hour day at the “Old School” Raw taping on Monday in Hershey, PA, some actually fell asleep backstage.

“The call time for every one to be at the arena Monday was 1 p.m. as I understand it which means that many Legends were there over 10 hours which is a long day in anyone’s book, young or not so young. However, WWE did have some awesome catering so eating essentially what one wanted and when one wanted it seemed to be in vogue. Nothing soothes the ‘savage beast’ or weary traveler like plenty of good groceries.

Approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the Legends being brought back out and being introduced to the live audience, I would suggest that most of the Legends were taking a much needed siesta in the Legend’s holding area which was stocked with comfortable couches and chairs and was perfect for napping. I walked by prior to going out to call my match and got a chuckle when peaking into the special area and seeing so many famous wrestling folks sound asleep. Hell, it was past many of their bedtimes.”

JR also talked about his experience returning to commentary on Raw as well.

“Even though I felt that I was a little rusty on commentary, I had a super time working with King and being back at ringside. It’s hard to simply walk away from something that’s in one’s DNA and that has been such a prominent part of one’s life for four decades. It had been 13 months since I last called a wrestling bout but after listening to the show after I arrived home on Tuesday it seemed to go o.k. I’ve never called a perfect bout and likely never will be the goal is always be work diligently to be better the next time than one was the last time. Finding or residing in one’s comfort zone is the kiss of death.

Lots of fans have sent me emails and Tweets, @JRsBBQ, regarding Michael Cole’s performance during the Swagger-Bryan bout and be assured that Michael was simply doing his job and embellishing upon his new, antagonist persona. There are no issues here I can assure you. If I helped folks dislike Cole’s new persona then I accomplished one objective it would seem.”

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