WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. Edge

Edge with a big slap to Kane after dodging a clothesline early on. Edge with more right hands, slides out of the ring, pulls Kane down, Kane gets back up and Edge drops him off the ropes. Edge dodges a chokeslam attempt after diving off the top rope. Edge taunts Kane with an empty wheelchair rolling it around the ringside area. Kane jumps out and Edge sends him into the padded ring barricade. Edge tosses Kane back in and gives a few right hands. Edge chop blocks Kane and stomps over Kane’s left knee. Edge pulls Kane across the ring by his leg, jumps out and throws Kane’s leg into the steel ring post. In his return to the ring, Kane pulls Edge down and throws his leg across his chest a few times. Kane counters a DDT attempt tossing Edge over the top rope and following it up with a big boot sending Edge to the floor. Kane tosses Edge over the ring apron and drops some elbows and right hands to the head. Kane tosses Edge into the corner and Edge bounces off with force. Kane screams, “Where is he? Where is Paul Bearer?” Kane with more right hands to Edge and follows it up with some kicks. Kane with a headlock on Edge screaming at Edge to tell him where Paul Bearer is. Kane hits the ropes and takes out Edge with a dropkick to the face. Cover and two count by Kane.

Kane keeps the headlock applied as Edge attempts a comeback. Kane tosses Edge to the ring apron. Edge with a shoulder charge and sends Kane face first into the top turnbuckle. Edge with a cross body for a two count on Kane. Edge with big right hands. Kane with a clothesline in the corner on Edge and tosses him aside. Kane is up top and attempts his flying clothesline when Edge catches him in mid air with a dropkick to the chest. Edge with a drop toe hold sending Kane into the ropes. Edge splashes over the back of Kane and attempts a rollup for a two count. Crowd is pretty quiet for this one. Edge catches Kane with a big boot in the corner. Edge slides up on the turnbuckle, jumps off and Kane catches him with an uppercut on the way down. Edge floats over Kane dropping him with an inverted DDT for another two count. Kane catches Edge with a big side slam as Edge came off the ropes. Edge with a right hand to Kane as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Edge climbs up with Kane and Kane drops Edge over the top rope crotching him. Kane follows that up right away with his flying clothesline sending Edge with force into the ring. Kane goes for a chokeslam and Edge counters with a DDT. Both men are down on the mat as the referee starts the count.

Edge is up first and is setting up for a spear. Edge runs and Kane catches him with a big boot. Kane with a chokeslam on Edge. Kane hooks the leg and Edge somehow gets a shoulder up after two. Kane yells at the referee that it was three. Kane signals for the end. Kane gets Edge up attempting a Tombstone Piledriver. Edge counters off, hits the ropes and catches Kane with a spear. Edge covers Kane laying on his back with his arm. The referee counts the three count.

As the announcer stated Edge was the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the referee waives him down and hands the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Kane. The referee explains both mens shoulders were down during the pinfall resulting in a tie.

Winner: No contest
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

After the match, Kane tossed Edge out of the ring. Edge tosses Kane into the steel ring steps and then puts him in the wheel chair. Edge pushes Kane into part of the padded ring barricade that collaspes upon impact into the timekeepers area. They replay the finish showing that both shoulders were down during the pinfall.

A promo for Wrestlemania 27 on April 3, 2011 airs.

Backstage, John Cena is holding a WWE referee shirt. Wade Barrett walks up sitting next to him. Barrett asks if he remembers this building, because he does. June 7, 2010. Cena was the WWE Champion…and this is where the Nexus chose to make their mark on history. He talked about giving Cena the worst beating of his career and how strange is it to be back here full circle. Cena said he does remember this building and added that when the time is right, he knows exactly what he is doing tonight.

* Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against Santino & Vladimir Koslov is up next.