Early estimates for Hell in a Cell, Bragging Rights

We have more details to follow up a report from earlier this week regarding WWE pay per view buyrates for October with Hell in a Cell and Bragging Rights.

Hell in a Cell on 10/1 did a first estimate of 208,000 buys worldwide (111,000 domestic). This is a 27% drop from last year with 283,000 buys worldwide and 32% drop from the 164,000 buys domestic.

Bragging Rights on 10/24 did a first estimate of 138,000 buys worldwide (73,000 domestic). That is a 24% drop from last year with 181,000 buys worldwide and a 30% drop from the 105,000 buys domestic. That domestic number would be the second lowest next to the ECW December to Dismember debacle back in 2006.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter