from Clint Smith:

Yoshi Tatsu over Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendes) in a fun opener. It was advertised as a Raw house show, so getting a surprise ECW match was pretty cool. They did some faster-paced stuff (for the WWE) and got the crowd going.

Chris Masters (w/ Eve Torres) over Johnny Curtis after catching him in the Master Lock a few minutes into the match. Masters got a pretty decent pop.

Evan Bourne & Mark Henry over Legacy after Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Cody Rhodes

The Miz retrained his US Title in a Fatal Fourway over MVP, Carlito, & Primo

Gail Kim and the Bella Twins beat Maryse, Jillian, and Alicia Fox with Santino as the special guest referee.

Hornswoggle and Kelly Kelly came out to throw some free shirts into the crowd before intermission.

The Big Show beat Jack Swagger in what I think was an Over The Top Rope Challenge. I was late getting back to my seat and missed most of it.

Randy Orton beat Kofi Kingston in one of the better matches of the night. Both men kicked out of each others finishers before a great sequence that ended with Orton hitting the second RKO and pinning Kingston.

John Cena beat WWE Champ Sheamus via DQ in the typical ‘Heel pushes official, then gets caught in the STF when the official rings the bell for the DQ making Cena and the crowd think he won the title by submission’ finish.

Overall it was an entertaining show. No Triple H, which bummed a lot of people out as DX shirts, hats, and glow sticks were everywhere. The Assembly Hall updated their advertised card on the 21st and he was still on the show. He was even on the Evansville show the night before. Not sure what happened there.