Jim Ross on TNA Wrestling in his latest blog.

“Some fans of TNA have asked me when I predict the time line that TNA will over take WWE in the marketplace. Without coming off as a tool but simply being totally realistic, the answer is never. But wait, there’s more….does it matter? I would suggest to you that TNA has all they can say grace over making their brand stronger and are likely, if they are smart, not even trying to compete w/ WWE but only with trying to make themselves better.

WWE is the NFL and no other football league will ever touch the NFL. Period. End of story. That certainly doesn’t mean that another league can’t make money and be viable in their world. I’ll never wish TNA or any other company ill will but IMO this is the reality of the matter and the answer to a question we seemingly get all the time. I can assure you that I want our on line biz to grow but I don’t fixate on other similar sites but instead try to think of ways to make our site better.”

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