CM Punk on time with the Raw commentary team

The “Geek to Me” section of is featuring an interview with WWE star CM Punk talking about his return to the ring this weekend for the company and his time on the Raw commentary team while recovering from an injury.

“It’s been awesome, actually its been a lot of fun. I’m gonna miss it. [laughs] I would love to do both but I think I believe there’s a thing as overexposure and I think people will get sick of me real quick. I kind of basically looked at it as my retirement plan now. That’s definitely something I can do when I’m not wrestling anymore. And believe it or not — this sounds horrible — but it was really easy for me. [laughs] I would really love to do both. I’d love to wrestle and do commentary, I think that would be awesome.”

Full interview:
WWE Superstar CM Punk returns to the wrestling ring in Chicago