By Dan Wahlers,

12/26 WWE Results: New York City, NY (MSG)

  Zack Ryder won a 12 Man Battle Royal to get a US Title Match with Daniel Bryan later in the show.  He last eliminated David Otunga.  Also in the battle royal were Mark Henry, William Regal, Alex Riley, Darren Young, Primo Colon, Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu, David Hart Smith, Michael McGillicutty.
Tyson Kidd beat David Hart Smith.
The Bella Twins defeated Melina and Maryse in a Santa’s Little Helpers Match.
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Justin Gabriel and Husky Harris.  Husky was subbing for Heath Slater, who didn’t make the show.
Roddy Piper did a Piper’s Pit with Tito Santana, who they got to drive in from New Jersey at the last minute, because the originally scheduled guest Sgt Slaughter couldn’t make the show because of the weather.  Said to be a long segment that lost the crowd.  Both guys were just rambling.  The Raw GM sent The Uso’s out to end the segment, and Piper and Santana cleaned house on them.
The Miz defeated Randy Orton.
Randy Orton defeated Alex Riley in a match ordered by the Raw GM.  They had Michael Cole there reading e-mails from the GM.  He got one of the biggest heel reactions on the show.
Daniel Bryan defeated Zack Ryder.
John Morrison defeated Sheamus in a New York City Street Fight.  
John Cena defeated Wade Barrett in a Steel Cage Match.
They announced an MSG return date for a Raw house show on Saturday 3/19.