JR on MSG show, Jeff Hardy, Brock Lesnar rumors

Jim Ross has posted a new blog discussing a variety of topics including WWE’s decision to move forward with their event on Sunday at Madison Square Garden, TNA Champion Jeff Hardy being expected to plead guilty and Brock Lesnar/UFC rumors.

On WWE not canceling the event at MSG on Sunday:
“For the record, I’m happy WWE did not cancel MSG or Albany due to the weather. Folks that did not want to endure the travel issues certainly should have stayed home, I likely would have, but those that could make the trek were likely looking forward to the holiday events and were willing to risk any travel inconvenience. BTW from what I know the Garden had 14,500 tickets distributed for Sunday night in the Big Apple Blizzard. I don’t know how many of the tickets were used but that’s the actual number distributed so it was a heck of a crowd in extremely inclement weather. Canceling events for any reason usually works out to be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t proposition. Some will bring out the soap boxes to proclaim bad judgment while others, if the event is canceled, will raise hell because they had planned to attend an event for weeks.”

On Jeff Hardy being expected to plead guilty:
“An emailer asked me what I thought about former WWE star Jeff Hardy’s ‘plea agreement’ to a variety of charges filed against him in North Carolina. I know only what I occasionally read on line about this unfortunate matter but if a plea agreement can bring this issue to an end and Jeff can move on with his life then it might be a good idea. Those types of decisions are better made by lawyers and the individuals involved and not by folks, like me, who are on the outside looking in.”

On rumors that Brock Lesnar could be leaving UFC:
“Lots of crazy rumors floating around the MMA message boards about Brock Lesnar these days. Some fans feel that Lesnar is looking to leave UFC and return to WWE. That decision would floor me. It doesn’t seem to make sense at this time for Lesnar to leave UFC as there is too much Octagon money on the table for Brock to walk away at this time. I just can’t see the athletic freak going back on the WWE road for any significant length of time especially with young children at home and Brock being most comfortable when he is in the Minnesota woods enjoying family life and hunting. Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I would embrace a Lesnar return to WWE and it ‘might’ happen on a sporadic basis some day but not any time soon.”

Full blog entry:
JR’s RAW Thoughts…Lesnar Leaving UFC??..WWE HOF’er Bobby Heenan’s DVD on Sale Now! Got Main Event Mustard?

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