SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday


spoilers for this week 1/7-2011:
*World champion Edge defeated Kane in a Last Man Standing match.

*Kofi Kingston pinned Dolph Ziggler to win the WWE Intercontinental championship. Post match, Dolph attacked Kingston. Vickie Guerrero cuts a promo demanding a restart and there was so much crowd heat, you couldn’t make out what she said. Kingston then wins again.

*Backstage promo with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly.

*Drew McIntyre vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show to determine a new top contender for the World championship. Vickie Guerrero comes out and adds Dolph Ziggler to the match. Dolph Ziggler pinned Cody to become the number one contender. Late in the match, Wade Barrett came out and attacked Big Show.

*They aired another new Ezekiel Jackson promo pushing that he’s coming soon to Smackdown.

*Michelle McCool pinned Kelly Kelly. LayCool continued to attack Kelly but Drew McIntyre hit the ring and cleared it to make the save.

*Best of Three Falls: Alberto del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio. Del Rio avoids the 619 and nails the rolling armbreaker for Fall One. Rey comes back to win the second fall. Del Rio scores the pin in Fall Three after Ricardo holds Rey’s leg down. Rey destroys Ricardo after.

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