Article on WWE developmental star Mason Ryan

The Caernarfon Denbigh Herald in the UK is featuring an article about Barri Griffiths, known as Mason Ryan in WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory. The article notes speculation that Ryan has been brought on tour with WWE at live events and could be brought to TV soon.

“On arrival Stateside, Barri was immediately sent to the company’s training system down in Florida, where future superstars get the chance to hone their skills in the ring, but also the vital attributes of being able to conduct interviews in-character.

After only a few months as part of Florida Championship Wrestling, which is a feeder organisation to the WWE, Barri captured their World Championship by defeating Alex Riley and Johnny Curtis.

But much bigger things were to come when Barri was asked to join the WWE on a tour of Europe, back in November.
Although not televised, these live events were held in massive arenas all across the United Kingdom, including Liverpool’s Echo Arena.

While on the tour, Barri got the chance to wrestle well-known superstar, Chavo Guerrero, who is a familiar face to any wrestling fan.

But now it seems that Barri is on the cusp of making the next big leap, as wrestling journalists on the other side of the Atlantic speculate that he’s on the verge of making his debut on television.

The likely scenario is that WWE bosses are having him perform in front of large live audiences, preparing him for their main superstar roster.

This would mark an unbelievable feat for the Tremadog born Wrestler, as the WWE broadcasts its shows in 30 languages to more than 145 countries worldwide, enjoying weekly audience figures of over 14 million people in the United States alone.

A spokesperson on behalf of World Wrestling Entertainment did not wish to comment on the speculation.”

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Barri Griffiths aka Mason Ryan set for WWE stardom

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