MrFury559 sent us word that in an interview with, WWE Champion The Miz referred to himself as the “first, official Tough Enough Champion” when asked about the return of the show.

“I mean, I’m the first, official Tough Enough Champion. It’s nice to see that they’re bringing back that whole thing because that’s what I came from. That’s the show that got me my WWE contract. So, you never know. We might find another future WWE Champion.”

Of course as many know, Miz didn’t win the “1,000,000 Tough Enough” series that was exclusive to the Smackdown brand back in 2004 as Daniel Puder won that edition. However, it seems the words may have been taken out of context in that he was simply stating he was the first person from that show to win a major world championship in WWE.

Full interview:
The Miz Would Love to Unify the Belts!