Wickedlocal.com has an article up featuring quotes from a Wakefield resident named Stephen Addonizio who is also disputing the charges being brought against Randy Orton.

The article notes:

“Wakefield resident Stephen Addonizio was sitting in a car with his sister at Kowloon on Jan. 8 when he observed Orton leave the Route 1 North restaurant with two other wrestlers.

As Orton walked toward his car a crowd of about a dozen kids rushed him and asked for pictures. When the former WWE heavyweight champion declined the request one of the juveniles yelled profanities at him, Addonizio said.

Orton heard the derogatory remarks and approached the juvenile, Addonizio said. But he added that the other wrestlers pulled Orton away from the crowd, and from his vantage point Orton never came close to any fans.

?He just kept walking past them and got into his car,? Addonizio said.”

To check out the full article, click here.

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