Brock Lesnar to appear at WWE SmackDown next week at Madison Square Garden

It was announced by Paul Heyman during tonight’s WWE SmackDown that Brock Lesnar will be appearing next week at Madison Square Garden.

The announcement was made by Heyman as he was sitting backstage with WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns. The two were talking when Heyman told him that he received a call from Brock Lesnar telling him that he will be at the show next week. Taken from Roy Nemer’s live recap of the show:

“Roman Reigns is backstage with The Usos talking to them. The Usos leave the room as Heyman tells him they have a problem and Roman tells him they don’t have a problem because he will defeat Finn Balor. Heyman tells him that they have a Brock Lesnar problem. Roman tells him that he will beat up on Brock when the time comes. Heyman tells him that Lesnar will be at SmackDown next week.”

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