The New Nexus group, now called The Core, is out at the start of the show. Teddy Long came out and cut a promo on the Raw General Manager. Alberto Del Rio came out saying it was his destiny to win the Rumble.

Alberto Del Rio b R-Truth with the amrbar.

While this match was going on, some mysterious person gave Long a beating and he is rushed out of Tulsa in an ambulance.

Beth Phoenix b Layla.

Vickie Guerrero confronted Wade Barrett’s group and they deny they had anything to do with what happened to Teddy Long. Vickie didn’t care, she just wanted to enlist their help in getting rid of Edge.

Rey Mysterio b Cody Rhodes.

The Miz and Alex Riley did a promo.

Jim Ross came out to the biggest ovation on the show. Jack Swagger then came out to insult him and insult everyone in Oklahoma, claiming that he moved from Oklahoma to Texas. Not sure if this was taped for television. More likely just used to make sure people booed Swagger when he wrestled later in the show.

Swagger b Kofi Kingston in a non-title match under amateur wrestling rules. They brawled after and Kingston laid out Swagger with the Trouble in Paradise.

Drew McIntyre b Trent Baretta. McIntyre played face and offered a handshake after. Baretta blew him off. McIntyre then lost his cool and attacked Baretta, leaving Kelly Kelly to get mad at him again.

The Miz came out for a promo. This led to a back-and-forth with Edge to build up Monday’s Raw main event. Riley tried to set up Edge but Edge speared Riley off the apron and speared Miz.

Justin Gabriel b Edge when the rest of The Core interfered, with the big interference coming from Ezekiel Jackson. They all beat down Edge at the end of the show, as does Ziggler. Kingston and Mysterio ended up running in.