The Detroit News is featuring an article with WWE Champion The Miz talking about his long road to the company and eventually becoming the WWE Champion despite his critics.

“As soon as I got to WWE, everyone assumed I got a contract because I was on ‘The Real World,’ so everyone made my life a living hell,” he says. “I didn’t really have any friends. I got kicked out of the locker room. It felt like everyone was trying to find a way to get me fired. I still can’t believe I have it. For me, it signifies that it’s just the next step. I’ve been taking steps ever since I came to the WWE, and now I’ve built myself to where I’m the WWE champion. But it doesn’t even stop there. Once you’re WWE champion, you want it to be the best championship reign ever; you want the ratings to be the highest. You want the seats to be the most filled. You want to be the poster child for the WWE.”

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Miz fights his way to the top