Devin Cutting sent this in:

The January 28th, 2011 edition of WWE Vintage Collection featured these matches & segments:

* The Brain Busters vs. Tommy Angel & Bob Emery from WWF Superstars on October 22nd, 1988
* Tito Santana’s vignette from WWF Superstars on September 21st, 1991
* Tito Santana vs. Hercules from the WWF TV taping on January 28th, 1992
* The Steiner Brothers vs. The Road Warriors from WCW Nitro on March 11th, 1996
* The Legion Of Doom’s ring entrance from WWF Raw on February 24th, 1997
* The Legion Of Doom vs. The Godwinns from WWF Raw on October 13th, 1997
* The Nation Of Domination’s pre-match interview from WWF No Way Out Of Texas
* The Nation Of Domination vs. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson & The Disciples Of Apocalypse from WWF No Way Out Of Texas

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