According to multiple wrestling media sources, both Booker T and Kevin Nash are expected to be used as surprises in tomorrow night’s 40 man Royal Rumble match.

WWE company sources confirmed to that Booker T would be used at the show following recent discussions. Company sources also stated that Nash was booked for the Rumble and was scheduled to fly into Boston on Saturday.

What makes this interesting is that both Booker and Nash were expected to start on Monday with TNA at the Impact tapings according to The Wrestling Observer. Nash had been in heavy discussions with TNA in the last few weeks with both sides going back and forth on a new deal. Many sources indicated the deal was done, which then led to Nash accusing TNA of leaking the information on purpose which then started a whole new round of negotiations. Nash was quietly removed from the roster page over on This creates an interesting situation for the TNA tapings on Monday as the only other name available from the original “Main Event Mafia” group would now be Sting. The TNA tapings on Monday, which will air on February 3, were being heavily built up in the last few weeks by the company teasing the return of the former Mafia group.